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Zoom is Unlimited on Thanksgiving: Here’s 5 Ways to Maximize your Zoom Time on Thanksgiving Day!

As we edge deeper into the fall and winter months, the pandemic rages on all over the world.  Unfortunately for all of us, the Corona virus doesn’t take days off for holidays.  Luckily, unlike the folks who experienced the Spanish flu of 1918, we have the advantage of using technology to still interact and connect.  Zoom is providing unlimited time on Zoom for the day or Thanksgiving so that you can spend the holiday safely with friends and family.  Here are 5 ways that you can maximize this time with your loved ones.  

1. Friendsgiving or Family Chat

Have your food ready, pour up some wine or grab a beer and get comfy. Just because we have to socially distance doesn’t mean that we can’t still see each other. Take advantage of the unlimited Zoom time and catch up with friends and family on Zoom.

2. Game Night 

There are tons of game ideas to play via Zoom, but one of my family faves is Trivia Night. We simply find questions online or make our own in Google Slides or PowerPoint, share our screens and wala! Trivia night is ready. The first person to type the correct answer in the chat wins a point. The last virtual game night we hosted, we offered Venmo or CashApp $5 to the winner, which made it a little more competitive. 

3. Recipe Sharing

If cooking with your family is a tradition, you don’t have to ditch it because of COVID. Agree on a grocery list of items, if you’re cooking the same dishes, and cook together via Zoom. Set your computer, Chromebook, iPad, or phone up in the kitchen and rev up those stoves. Make sure you have a tripod if your using a phone. Oh yeah, and don’t burn the pie please! 

4. Go DJ 

Does your family love music? I know mine does and I can’t wait to travel through the decades of great music on Thanksgiving with the family. Your family can share their favorite on YouTube through Zoom by sharing the screen.  When sharing the screen, make sure to select the “Optimize Video” option, which will help with streaming the video/music.

5. Turkey Contest

Tell everyone to get construction paper, newspaper or whatever paper you have laying around and give everyone ten minutes to make their best turkeys out of the paper. Everyone can vote via chat who had the best turkey. Another idea is to have everyone name their turkey and vote on who had the best names as well. Want to raise the stakes? Cash App the winner some moolah. You’d be surprised by the creativity that sparks when $5 is on the line.

6. Bonus!!  Share What You’re Thankful For

This has been a whirlwind of a year and the mere fact that we made it to Thanksgiving day is nothing to scoff at. Get with your family on Zoom and simply share the things you’re grateful for. I know that’s what I’ll be doing on Thanksgiving this year.

Will you be Zooming on Thanksgiving? If so, how will you be spending your unlimited Zoom time?

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