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Why Motivation Isn’t Enough to Change Your Life

So, you want to change your life. You’re pumped, motivated, and ready to take on any challenges ahead. However, I’m here to tell you that most of the time, motivation is not enough. To reach our goals, there are other elements needed to help us arrive at the door of success.

Know What You Want

Before you set out on a journey to change your life, you have to figure out what you want. I spent years not achieving anything because I never could pin down what I wanted. I would sort of have an idea; however my unwillingness to nail down a solid goal caused me to fail time and time again.

Of course, life will happen and some things will be out of our control. Despite this, I still believe that we are the designers of our destiny and we can get pretty close to a life we imagined when we are clear about the life experiences we would like to have.

Create a Plan

Now that we know what we want, we have to create a plan. It’s not enough to recognize what we want. We have to be strategic in our planning and map out how we’ll get to those successes. Although I do believe you can manifest positive things in your life, you also must take action in conjunction to the manifesting. Write out your plan and refer to it often to make sure you stay on track. Periodically reviewing your plans will also motivate you to stay the course. However, to really stay on track, you must implement daily habits.

Implement Daily Habits

You must start practicing habits that will get you closer to your goal. This is probably one of the most important things you can do. Consistent, small habits not only get you closer to your goal, but they also strength your confidence within yourself. When you are consistently accomplishing these “mini goals” everyday, or making daily habits, you start to earn credibility within yourself.

Most importantly, this also builds us up to reach the success you want in your life. I’m personally a fan of incremental goals. I have opted in the past incorporate small goals or tasks so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Being able to do small tasks motivates me to keep going. For example, if you want to lose weight, you would start off with just 30 minutes of cardio instead of jumping in head first and committing to an hour. If I’m honest, I started with just five minutes for every habit I wanted to complete and built on that over time.

I said all this to say, motivation and inspiration are just the spark. Implement these steps and your motivation will turn into your success.

In other words, Just Keep Crushing It Everyday! You Got This!

What motivates you? What do you want? What are your plans? What habits will you implement? Comment below!

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