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Being willing to fail is a feeling of liberation that I never fathomed was possible. The fear of failure has prevented me from embarking on many creative endeavors. Before I could decide to leap into creating the life that I wanted, I had to let go of my fear of failure. When I contemplated how I could shed this fear, it was when I realized that not acting on my goals would be a larger devastation to my soul than not having the life that I wanted. That made the decision easy, I would leap into possible failure, but at least there would be no regret. Since coming upon this realization and actively trying and failing, I wanted to share some ways to prepare for possible failures or setbacks.

Know that It’s Going To Sting

Failure isn’t easy, especially if you’re a creative. When you fail as a creator, it can feel like a personal assault against your art or your talent. When we put energy into any goal, whether it’s writing a book, exercising, finishing school, we want nothing more to succeed, but the reality is sometimes we don’t.

Reflect On The Lessons Learned

Reflect on what caused you to fail. Years ago I tried to start a business and a blog and they both failed. I wasted time and money, but I gained a realization of my own shortcomings that prevented my success. I have learned that my biggest pitfall was my inconsistency. It’s still a struggle today, however, I’m aware of this and have put systems in place to combat my inconsistency. Ultimately, recovery time is one of the most important keys to success.

Shorten Your Recovery Time and Get Back To It

After recognizing the reasons we fail, it can be hard to jump back on the horse and start again. Either our ego is bruised or finances have taken a hit. However, if this is something you really want, you owe it to yourself to keep going. One of the power plays of success is the ability to not only recognize where your issues lay but to strategically and quickly jump back in.

For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight, but you slipped on your exercise and diet routine for a week, don’t get discouraged, jump back in. If you’re a writer and you felt you didn’t get good reviews on your body of work, get some good constructive feedback and get back to it. Take it from me, wallowing in your pity only wastes precious time. Recognize where you can improve or pivot and jump into inevitable success because the only real failure is never trying. When we make the decision to accept failure, we are finally free.

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