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The Gratitude Advantage: The Top 5 Benefits of Being Grateful Everyday.

Makes You More Positive Overall and Shifts your Focus

When you focus on things that are going right in your life, your overall attitude starts to shift. Instead of singing the “Woe is Me” song all day, every day, yours could be “Smile (Living My Best Life)”, my personal fave. Don’t go back and forth with these negative thoughts, be grateful and live your best life.  \

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Gratitude Will Keep Us in Check

Another great benefit of everyday gratitude is that it makes us want to do the right thing. When we feel grateful for the situations and things we have in our lives, it makes us want to spread the wealth. We’re more inclined to make sure our moral compasses are operational and leading us to make the right choices.

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People Simply Like you More

I know that we often try our best to not care about what other people think. The reality is as social creatures, most of us care and some of a little too much, but that’s another blog for another day. When we are grateful and don’t carry around dark clouds of misery and grief, people are more attracted to our personalities because their spirits are lifted by our simple practice of daily gratitude.

You Live Longer

I may not have the car I want, but at least I have a car. That is the statement I made last week. Then I smiled, climbed in my car with the engine light still on and chugged along to my destination in peace. I decided not to stress at that moment, because I knew I couldn’t change my situation at that moment. I have found that since practicing gratitude, my stress level is lower which helps lower blood pressure, provides better sleep, and just helps with a positive mindset, which equals extra days added on to my life.

You Become More Empathetic

Often, when we are drowning in negative thoughts, it is hard to see or feel the pain of the next person. I am guilty of this personally. Practicing gratitude makes you a more patient person and allows you the space to get outside of yourself and your situation for a moment to feel and understand that we all have some of the same problems and hang-ups. Being empathetic to someone else can also allow you to see that we’re really all in this together, so don’t feel alone.

Thanks so much for reading and if you want to practice gratitude everyday, check out The Daily Gratitude Journal.

Any other benefits of gratitude you want to share? Discuss below. Stay Healthy and Blessed.

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