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Stressed? 7 Ways to Curb Your Anxiety and Refocus

Pinpoint the Problem

With the election results underway, many people are anxious about the results. However, underneath that cloud, we are still living our lives and dealing with everyday anxieties. As I always say, awareness is key. Pinpointing what is making you anxious is the first step to reducing your anxiety. Doing a “brain dump” will help with this. Dump everything that’s bothering you and pinpoint the largest points of your anxiety.

Talk About It

We have identified our points of angst and now what? Sometimes just getting it out helps curb our levels of anxiety. Have you ever just been so upset about something, but then you called someone and after the conversation, you felt a weight was lifted? I like to compare it to a pot of water that is increasingly getting hotter. We hold things in until they completely boil to the surface which causes the anxiety to negatively spill over to other parts of our lives.

As much as many of us think we can deal with everything on our own, other people are fountains of information, experience and empathy. The key is to find the right people to talk to and that you trust. Stay away from people who will rile you up, add on to your anxiety or dismiss your feelings. If you don’t have anyone like that in your life, seek resources to connect with a therapist.

Do What You Can

Many times we are frustrated by particular situations or events that we obsess about. Instead of obsessing, channel your energy into action. There are many people who complain about the state of the country here in the United States, but didn’t vote. The better choice is to be a part of the change that you want to see and do what you can. For example, if you are frustrated with events happening in your neighborhood, seek to be an active member of the homeowners association. If you are angry about the state of the education system, become involved and channel that anger to make change.

Step Away

Sometimes things are out of our hands or we have done what we can. In these situations, the best thing is to step away. Turn the TV off, log out of social media and just be. Give your mind time to itself without the constant stressors of the world. This will renew your spirit and give you the motivation to refocus.

Turning off your phone is understandably difficult, especially since our phones have become an extension of us. If you can’t completely turn off your phone, turn off the notifications and try putting it on airplane mode. Give yourself at least a few hours to really focus on what really matters to you and your life.

If you’re watching too much news on TV, turn off the TV or binge watch your favorite show instead. Give yourself a moment to ice out the voices and opinions of the world.

If people or your job is the source of your frustration, try to take some time off. Tell your friends and family that you need some time to decompress.

Refocus Your Energy

Check out my post, Turning Your Frustration Into Fuel. For those of us who are looking for success, sometimes hard situations can catapult you into transmuting your angst into fuel. Over the years, I realized that it was in my most frustrating moments in life that I was the most productive and driven. I knew that if I wanted to reduce my overall anxiety, I had to take steps to set myself up for success.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Many times, our anxiety comes from uncertainty and instability, especially financial uncertainty. When you take the time to set yourself up for success, you create an environment that is more stable. Stability lowers our anxiety. We have to position ourselves in a way that provides us stability. This doesn’t always mean material. For example, if you are uncertain about yourself, meaning you lack confidence, there are steps you can take to build your confidence, creating a solid foundation within yourself and state of mind.

Do Things That Make You Happy

A lot of us in the self development community are always looking for ways to improve and often neglect our immediate happiness. We have to remember to do the little things or the big ones, that brings us joy. Soak in a long bath, go for a run, buy the dress you’ve been saving for, or have a nice dinner with the family. When we take moments to do things we enjoy, things seem to fall into place and for that moment, everything is right with the world.

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