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Stop Letting Stress Bleed Over Into Other areas Of Your Life

I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one. - Maya Angelou

Don’t be A Pain At Work

I had to come to the realization that I was allowing stress to infiltrate other areas of my life. We often take our issues at work or home into each space.   If I just have an argument with my husband and I walk into the office in a foul mood, that’s not fair to my team. It’s also not fair to my own success. If I’m not in the correct mindset for work it will reflect in my productivity and results. The opposite is also true.  I realized in my last job that I would bring my work dramas home with me.

Don’t Be a Pain AT Home

One day I came home after an extremely stressful work day.  My daughter came into the kitchen as I was attempting to order something for dinner because I refused to cook that day.  “Want to hear my new song?” my daughter asked.  “Not now babe, let me order dinner first.”  I looked up at the fleeting disappointment in her face, but continued to order.  The night went on and I was still so wrapped up in work stress that I never heard her song.  

Take Steps To Shut It Off

When I finally got my mind off of work it dawned on me that I completely left her hanging.  That’s when I decided to find a shut off button.  I created a process of steps before I got home.  Everyday I would get in the car, turn on my favorite music or call my husband to vent.  When I finally got home, I would do a five minute meditation before entering the house.  These five minutes gave me time to shut off my work stress and turn on mom mode.  I found a solution that worked for me, temporarily.

The Bigger Picture

At some point, I finally had to address the fact that I was extremely unhappy. Simply putting space between my job and home and learning to shut things off at the door was not a permanent solution. I had to create an escape plan. If you are experiencing extreme unhappiness in some area of you life that is spilling over, seek to find solutions and develop a plan. Turn your frustrations into fuel and figure out how you can turn that stress into a means to better your life and view the bigger picture.

What actions do you take to minimize stress? Discuss below.

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