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Over it? Me too. Let’s Turn This Frustration into Fuel

I get it. You’re angry, frustrated and over it all. Admittedly, I am too. With uncertainty peeking around every corner these days, it’s easy to be. However, somehow we have to find a way to strap on our battle gear and get ready for war – with ourselves.

Being self-aware is a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because you’re constantly aware that most of the time you’re mishandling your emotions while dealing with difficult situations.

It’s a blessing because awareness is a gift that allows you to recognize the frustration and alchemize it. It gives you a chance to either let it ignite you or burn until your very existence is reminiscent of burnt ash in the wind.

Awareness is a wonderful gift to help facilitate massive change in our lives, but it simply isn’t enough. For years, I was aware of my patterns. I would get upset, call someone to vent, curse, scream, pout, cry, drink, sleep, eat, and call one more person to complain and validate my frustration. I knew the whole time that this was not productive. I knew that if I wanted real change in my life, that my comfortable pattern would have to change. But how?

Who Do You Look Up To?

Watch the people in your life that handle things in a way you admire or respect. My mom was a single mother and grew up poor. We started out poor, but I watched her work 2-3 jobs tirelessly until she moved us out of the inner-city and into the suburbs. I remember being so grateful for a new house, I wanted to sleep on the new carpet. My mom didn’t just live in her frustration, she used it as her fuel.

Flip Frustration into Gratitude

One day I was sitting at my computer and another email dinged in on top of a mounting pile of other requests. I said out loud, “I hate the sound of my email.” Then I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and thought about the many people who are out of a job. I opened my eyes, sat down at my chair and told myself that my email chime was the sound of job security and the rest of my day had a very different tone. This however, doesn’t mean that you settle in discomfort. It means that you are grateful for where you are in the moment, but know that you want to minimize these feelings in the future.

Fueling the Future Ahead

Alright, this is the fun part. The part that revs our engines and gets us to our destination. ACTION. Now that we have identified our frustration through our awareness, noted who the pros are, and are grateful for where we are – let’s plan out where we want to be. 

  1. What frustrates you the most?

  2. Is there any way you can change this?

  3. How long will these changes take?

  4. What roadblocks or challenges will present themselves while implementing these changes? How will you handle these challenges until you get the desired outcome?

Write all of this down. Don’t do this quickly. Really take the time to plan. After this, be consistent and follow the plan. Every time you want to give up, sink into that feeling of frustration to fuel your persistence. This won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

What are the current frustrations you want to turn into fuel? Vent and solve below.

P.S.- The frustration picture is my dog yawning. She’s really very sweet.

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