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Motivation Movie Monday: Death Saved My Life

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For you Lifetime movie fans out there, Death Saved My Life, starring Meagan Good was a pretty good watch. Today we’ll delve into what the movie is about and what we can take from it to help in our personal growth journey. Oh, and yes, there are spoilers, so if you haven’t watched, please go check it out on Lifetime. 

WARNING: Again, spoiler alert.  Stop now if you haven’t seen the movie.

About the Movie

In Death Saved My Life, Meagan Good plays Jade, a beautiful, smart, ambitious mother and wife who seemingly has the perfect life. Her husband, Ed, is the best heart surgeon around and on the outside is a charismatic, gentle, intelligent, doting husband and father. However, behind closed doors he is an abusive, controlling, insecure shell of a man. 

Jade, of course, has to figure out a way to escape the abuse and decides to leave. However, you can’t just leave an insecure and controlling man without there being some consequences. Ed puts a hit out on his wife because in good ole traditional cray-cray psychotic fashion, if he can’t have her, no one can.

Jade catches on to the fact that he wants her dead so she does it for him. She stages the scene of her death and when the hired gun comes, he thinks that hard work has already been done for him. The hired gun is confused, but he’s happy to collect his payment from Ed. Although he knows he wasn’t the one to complete the job. From there, Jade goes about her mission to reveal the truth about her husband. 

What We Can Learn

When I watch or consume any form of media, I always reflect on a message or some value I can take away from it.  When I reflect on a message to take from Death Saved My Life and connect it to self-help and growth mindset, I immediately thought of something I heard Lisa Nichols say in an interview

“So if you have to be scared to leap, be scared. If you have to walk by yourself, walk alone. If you have to pray the heaven downs, get on your knees or your face. If you have to kill the small part of your mind, then give it a burial, whatever you have to do.” Lisa Nichols

Jade didn’t just stage her death. Her staged death was symbolic of her determination to escape her fate and her situation. Sometimes we have to kill bad habits, bad relationships, bad attitudes and fixed mindsets before we can even envision how great our lives can be.

Personally, I’m known to be self-deprecating, unable to accept compliments, and always mentally engaging in negative self-talk. Everytime I told myself, I wasn’t good enough or I would never make it, I was reinforcing those beliefs. I had to learn to slowly kill these behaviors to reimagine myself and obtain the life I want.  

How To “kill” These Bad Parts

First, we have to be aware. Think to yourself what parts of my behavior, relationship, or mental self-talk is stifling my growth? In what ways are these things preventing me from progressing? Write all of these things down. Now, ask yourself, “What can I do everyday to kill off things preventing me from that growth?” 

This action is important and will greatly depend on what your particular issue is. In my personal example above, I had to plan out a few minutes at the start of my day to recite positive affirmations. Also, I had to learn to redirect my thoughts and change them into positive ones. I was once telling myself, “You’re in over your head” or “What makes you think you can have a website?” I had to change that into, “You have a blog/webpage and as long as you try your best, deep down you’ll be satisfied with that.” At first, this can be exhausting, but overtime the positive habits start to stick.

Lastly, this movie is really about domestic violence, which is a very serious issue. If you’re in a domestic violence situation, there are resources to aid you. Jade is a fictional character, but this movie was inspired by real events. The reality is that there are many Jades out there, so if you are in an abusive relationship or know someone who is, please consider seeking out those resources.

Domestic Abuse Hotline 1800.799.SAFE (7233)

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