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Living in the Imagination Loop

Imagine is such an awesome word, right? As soon as you hear it, your senses heighten and your body postures itself readying for all the imagining that is about to take place. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the life you could have. Imagine the person you could become. Imagine, Imagine, Imagine, and then imagine again just in case you forgot to IMAGINE. Now, forget everything you think you know about what it is to imagine. I know that many people reading this are creatives; the people who bring their imaginations to life. However, what happens to creatives when they are stuck in an infinite imagination loop?

Imagine That

This morning on my way in to work, I firmly held on to my favorite coffee mug that fit perfectly in my car cup holder might I add. My warm cup of coffee swam in the beautiful ceramic white cup with forest green letters reminding me to, “IMAGINE”. I flung my laptop bag on my shoulders, grabbed my keys and badge, and stepped into the crisp September morning air, ready to take on the day. Opening the car door, I fumbled my laptop bag, causing me to drop my Imagine coffee mug. For a second, I stood saddened that I wouldn’t have my coffee, but mostly because how would I be reminded to IMAGINE if I didn’t have my cup anymore? However, I didn’t have time to process this, I was already running late for work.

It wasn’t until I got home and remembered that I had broken my favorite cup, that fit perfectly in my cup holder might I add, that I realized that the breaking of the cup was necessary. Let me explain. It dawned on my that I am stuck in a constant loop of IMAGINING what my life could be like. Although I have made some progress, I needed that cup to break because I no longer needed to imagine the possibilities, I needed to make things happen.

Social Media Loop?

Lately, I have been addicted to social media. Although I don’t post, I watch a ton of YouTube and TikTok. This constant scrolling is always a red flag that I’m entering some sort of slight depressive stage. This morning when my cup broke, I thought about how I somehow was vicariously living through watching other people live their lives instead of fully living my own. Don’t imagine what it would be like to be someone else, when you can be yourself. Live your own life.

Break the Damn Mug!

There is nothing wrong with having an imagination. Imagination provides us entertainment, ingenuity, and satisfaction. Also, there is nothing wrong with scrolling through other creators content to become inspired or for pure entertainment, but I think when we constantly scroll, we loop. We loop through other peoples’ lives, other peoples’ emotions, and ultimately other peoples’ imaginations. We have to break free, peek inside of our own imaginations and then break the damn coffee mug and get to work putting what we see in our minds into the world. When we provide space in our minds away from the noise, we create our own noise, and then others will hear and maybe one day they will listen.

How Do we Escape the Imagination Loop?

  1. Break the damn mug (It’ll probably feel good)

  2. Don’t watch other people live their lives. Live your own.

  3. Leave space in your mind to imagine.

  4. Be kind enough to share your imagination with the world.

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