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I’ll Do It Tomorrow: Escaping The Procrastination Loop.

I can admit that my go-to phrase is, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. I’ll write tomorrow. I can clean tomorrow. I’ll take the kids to that new park tomorrow. I’ll exercise tomorrow. Let’s eat right tomorrow. I’ll let them know I love them tomorrow. However, doing it tomorrow often never happens. On New Years Eve, many of us are energized at the thought of a fresh start and new goals to tackle. For those of you like me, you know that 2020 goals get pushed to 2021 and you’re no more closer to getting anywhere near the finish line. The question to you and myself is what could we do with 365 tomorrows? The answer is: a shit ton. Let’s tackle these tomorrows together and turn them into today.

Make Reasonable Daily Goals

A large part of my failure to achieve the things I wanted was making my daily goals too large. For example, my lofty goal of writing 5,000 words in a day. Other people are doing it, why not me? Yeah, no. I had to learn to shorten and tamp down my goals to make them more digestible and realistic. I completed one day of my 5,000 word goal and had already purchased prime real estate in burn out land. Despite my best effort, I learned that in my world, I needed incremental change instead of trying to bite off projects in huge bites. To read more about incremental change, check out this blog post.

Tell Someone to Hold you Accountable

Sometimes we need to share what we have in the works and ask someone we trust to hold us accountable. My husband is my accountability. Sometimes he will give me a gentle push and sometimes it’s a hard push out of the social media window and back into my work. He knows how much I desire to succeed, but he also knows my fear of failure and reels me back in. Don’t have anyone to hold you accountable? Get accountability straight to your mailbox weekly by signing up for my newsletter.

Reward Yourself and Earn your Saturdays

I recently read the oh so controversial Matthew McCounhey’s book, Green Lights. One phrase that he said was, “Earn your Saturdays.” I’m a firm believer of this phrase. If we are having fun 24/7 what will drive us to reach our goal? I want to earn my Saturdays and Sundays moving forward. I want to earn the ability to lay comatose in bed and watch bad reality TV with a glass of wine, but I can only partake if I put in the work.

I’m also a fan of small daily goals and small daily rewards. I get a blog post done for the day, I watch an Episode of a show before bed. I work out, and then later, I can reward myself with a little dark chocolate and a few ounces of red wine. The point is to figure out how to motivate yourself.

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