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How to not drown in covid-19 news

Special Note: This blog post is not to negate that there are people who are seriously affected by this, either physically or financially. If you are out of work because of the Corona virus, please visit to find resources in your area that may provide relief.

The news has been abuzz with constant Covid-19 information the last few weeks.  While this information is extremely beneficial as we try to navigate this novel virus and its effects on our health and economic structure, it can completely consume our thoughts.  

The other night I lay awake worrying about if and when this virus would creep into my home, and the home of my loved ones, and wondered what our future will look like post corona.  That’s when I felt my chest tighten and my anxiety spike. I had to decide to let it go. Then I realized how deep the movie Frozen really is, but that’s beside the point.  Here’s how I have decided to proceed through these uncertain times to curb my anxiety.

Starts With a Promise

First things first, we have to ask ourselves a couple of questions.  Have I equipped myself with the latest knowledge of the virus? Yes. Alright, next question.  Have I put measures in place to protect myself and my family to the best of my ability? Yes. If your answers are yes to both questions, this is where you let it go.  I made a vow to only update myself on the virus once a day, midday. However, if your anxiety is really off the charts, you may want to just enlist someone to update you on a need to know basis.  My husband does so much better than me in terms of not freaking out so he would absolutely be my personal go-to.  

I Shall Maintain Some Semblance Of Normalcy

I know many things are closed so it may be hard to get that workout you would have normally done at your gym, but there are still alternatives to get a little perspiration going from home. Go for a run, do a YouTube workout, or if you have kids, do a family workout together.

If you normally go to the bar to unwind after work, drink at home. If the interaction with people is what you go for, thankfully we live in a time and place where there is video chat, and yes, people have already started to Face-time, so they can still drink socially. Although it’s not the same, it beats drinking alone, right?

Is your favorite restaurant closed or only allowing to-go orders? Grab it to-go and eat at home. Those fancy plates you got as a gift, take them out, dust them off and show them some love. If the weather is getting nicer in your area, eat outside. Another idea is, cook. Yep, I said it. Try a new recipe, or duplicate one from your favorite restaurant, and have fun with it.

My point of that whole spiel is you may have to tweak things a bit, but you can still try to maintain some normalcy and keep an optimistic outlook.

I Shall Not Backslide

I am guilty.  In the last couple days, I have been eating the Doritos from my stockpile of snacks and watching reality TV to escape, which is okay every once in a while.  My issue is that if I start that habit back up, that will lead me down a path back to lazy town and my goal is to be as productive as I can. I realized when I am being productive, I am less likely to think about the negative things.  Productivity makes me feel all warm inside when I have completed a task that I know will be beneficial to my growth and let’s face it, the show must go on. Whatever your 2020 goals were at the beginning of the year, don’t abandon them.  This is a great time to put a laser focus on them to take your mind off of the media.  

I Shall Take Care Of Myself

Do you meditate, pray, yoga, or journal?  Keep it up! These are actions that can be really impactful during this time.  Meditation can clear our minds of the constant newsreels in our heads. If you pray, prayer can give peace of mind and can remind us to have faith.  Yoga can help us become in tune with our bodies, especially during this time. Lastly, journaling can help us get it all out. Writing can be therapeutic, and after writing all this, I feel tons better already.  

How are you coping in the Corona season? Let’s discuss below.

Stay Healthy and Stay Positive.

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