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Halloween Is Over, Now Let’s Fight The Real Monsters


Fear is a monster that is a help and a hindrance. Trepidation is a natural response that is part of our human experience to keep us safe. If we’re faced with a predator in the wild, fear kicks in and adrenaline rushes our bodies to respond to the threat. There is no issue with having a healthy amount of fear. However, fear can also cause irrationality and hinder us from reaching our fullest potential. The fear of failure can be crippling and paralyzing. What we don’t understand is the act of not acting can also equate to the very feeling of trepidation that we are constantly trying to evade. To step out of the realm of fear, try to incorporate incremental changes in your life so that your goals don’t seem so overwhelming.


Complacency is the scariest because early on we have dreams and ambitions, but then we get a job that we like okay, but it’s ultimately not what we wanted for ourselves. We tell ourselves to be grateful, but you can be grateful and be true to yourself and what you want for your life. I personally have a great job and I’m thankful for the stability it provides for my family. However, I could be easily lulled into a state of complacency. To snap out of complacency, we have to peer into the future and visit the other monster, regret.


If we allow ourselves to get lulled into complacency, we may live to regret that we didn’t challenge ourselves to reach our highest potential. I often think about laying on my deathbed and completely regretting not having the experiences I would like to have. Regret can be a painful feeling, but it’s also an avoidable one if you’re being true to yourself. If you want to paint, but you never do it, you don’t just live in regret, but the world will never get to experience the essence of the creativity you offer. When we don’t share our abilities with the world, and only watch other’s create, we end up in a smaller world of bitterness and jealousy. Y'all know, that green eyed monster and she is not pretty.


Most hate to admit this feeling. We scroll on social media to watch other people live these “spectacular lives” and embody what we believe we could never be. Jealousy is a monster that has crept up on me a time or two and I had to delve into my psyche to really hash out why I felt that way. I wasn’t doing anything I wanted to do and I was jealous of the courage people had to exist in ways that I wanted for myself. So what was the solution? Go do the work! Action! Take the dreams from your mind and let the world see your vision.

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