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DON’T GET CAUGHT IN THE PERMANENT WASH CYCLE: Jump Out of the self-help loop and start your life!

Years ago I came across a video of Brendon Burchard, a writer, entrepreneur, and trainer of high performers. I was deep in debt and he was telling a story about how his wife was laying under a blanket and on top of the blanket were his bills that he needed to pay. He pointed out the symbolism that she was literally and figuratively laying under the weight of all of his bills on the bed and how it inspired him to make changes. All it took was listening to that story and I was hooked. 

After work that day, I scrolled and listened to all his videos, which led me to suggested videos of other motivating figures making my mind explode. For some reason, I didn’t know this world of personal growth, radical change, self-help, and high achievers existed. I purchased books, watched videos, listened to podcasts, and attempted to attend workshops (I could never afford them). I read and picked up so much helpful information, that I would tell anyone who would listen that I was going to change my life. The only problem was, I was stuck in the wash cycle. I knew all of this information, but I was so hooked on the content that I never produced.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one. There are thousands of people who do have the money to attend crazy expensive workshops, purchase books, and watch endless amounts of YouTube never realizing that they aren’t applying the very knowledge that they covet and obsess over. If you are guilty of this, let’s delve into how we get out of the wash cycle. 

It’s Okay To Immerse Yourself, But For A Limited Time.

I won’t completely discredit my years of learning without producing. Discovering that I could improve myself and grow was exciting and refreshing. However, it didn’t have to take years to act on my goals. When you’re starting on your journey of self improvement, give yourself time to study, and I do recommend immersing yourself in the content; however, determine when it’s time to act.

Typically, 30-60 days is enough time to learn the basics of the self-improvement world. While you’re learning, incorporate positive habits that you have picked up along the way.  If you incorporate these habits you have learned, it will prime you for success when you finally set out to produce or tackle your goal.

Why Buy The Cow When You Can Get Most Of The Milk For Free?

Stop spending so much money. If you really love self-help, but your ultimate goal is to save or make more money, don’t spend all your money on books. I have seen people over the years spend thousands of dollars attending workshops. There are so many resources like this blog to help you. Also, the library also has lots of books with great information. A lot of the information is on YouTube. One of my favorite YouTubers is Tom Bilyeu. He is the owner of Quest Nutrition, selling a wide variety of protein bars.   His passion for growth and development catapulted him into interviewing top talents on his YouTube show, Impact Theory.  He’s interviewed high performers, entrepreneurs, artists, neuroscientists, and the list goes on. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still buy books and support the people I believe really aided in my growth, but I won’t put myself in the poor house and I’m mindful of how much I’m willing to spend. 

Are you stuck in the permanent wash cycle of self help? How do you plan to get out?

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