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Do You Understand the Assignment?

So, I’m sure many of you know the popular song that’s frequently featured in TikTok videos by Tay Money’s “Assignment.” The song states that they understood the assignment. This made me think about the things that we set out to achieve and our individual purpose in life. So the question I pose to you all today is: Do you understand the assignment?

When I ask, do you understand the assignment, I am asking do you understand what your purpose is at the moment. I want to emphasize at the moment, because for most of us, our purposes in life are ever changing.

Purpose, in my opinion, is the backbone to living a fulfilled life. If we have purpose, we create meaning, which in turn helps us live intentionally. When we live intentionally, we shape our lives and direct it onto a path that leads us to what we desire.

While the notion of knowing your purpose and understanding the assignment is a no brainer, identifying that purpose is an entirely different beast.

What are your natural talents? In what ways can you improve your talents? What are you naturally drawn to?

It took years to figure out my purpose in life. However, there were always hints along the way. If I had listened to those hints earlier, I would be way further, but we can’t cry over spilled time. When searching for your life’s purpose, explore your natural talents. If you're a great writer and you don’t mind sharing your ideas with the world, your purpose may be to share your perspective. If you love health and fitness and you're always sharing healthy recipes and exercise routines, your purpose may be to make the world a healthier place, one squat at a time.

We also have to look at what other people appreciate about us. If your friends are always commenting that you're the mother of the friend group and you happen to really love children, your purpose may be to work with children. We have to really be present and mindful to identify our purpose.

Mindfulness and Writing

When we can slow down and take a second to really think about our lives, the events of the past, how these events shaped us, and the recurring themes, we can have a better handle on what our true purpose is in life.

Writing down your talents in conjunction with the major events of your life can give you a huge clue as to what your true life’s purpose is. Also, we have to factor in what makes us happy. Writing down the things you enjoy doing could spark some ideas.

It’s Okay If Your Purpose Evolves

We all have to remember that your purpose in life can change and evolve. At one time in my life, I thought my only purpose was to be a good wife and mother. Although those are still things that are important to me and strive to do well at, I realized that my purpose encompasses more. Having this epiphany shook up my world and I struggled to wiggle out of that limiting narrative. We all have many purposes and thinking that you only have to live your life to complete just a couple is a limiting belief. We have to believe that we can set out to do all the things we want to achieve and live up to every purpose we see fit.

Really Understand The Assignment, Execute, and Jump - No Fear

Once you identify the assignment, it’s time to execute and jump in. The number one thing that keeps us from living out our purpose is fear.

George Addair says that, “everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” Will Smith has a motivational video on Youtube where he skydives for the first time and presents a very moving illustration of what happens when we arrive on the other side of fear.

There are a plethora of reasons that we are afraid of our purpose, but I believe the greatest culprit is our fear of failure. The most important thing that we have to realize is that failure is just a part of the journey and it’s an important necessity. Living a purposeful life is not always a cake walk.

Your Purpose Is Not Always Easy to Execute

Picture a narrow dirt road with countless potholes, debris, windy turns, a little overcast and the visibility is low. However, at the end of that road is a trail in the forest that leads to the most beautiful beach views, with the clearest water you've ever seen, the sun comes out, and suddenly the hard road was worth the uncertain travel. That's how I view the road to fulfilling my purpose. However, I’ve reflected and have made a conscious decision to brace for the potholes, and still enjoy the road on the way. Now, not everyone will have a ton of potholes. Some people find and execute their purpose with ease, but for the rest of us, we must remember the words of Allen Watts,

“We thought of life by analogy with a journey, a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at the end, and the thing was to get to that end, success or whatever it is, maybe heaven after you’re dead. But we missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played.”

So, turn up the music and dance down the pothole-filled road. That’s the real assignment. :)

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