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Book Review of the Week: Investing for Beginners.

In my journey to finding new ways to ensure my families financial stability, I have a new interest in learning about investing in the stock market. I am sure many of you have heard many of the success stories, along with the pitfalls of investing your money into a system that seems like a complicated maze of numbers, charts, and foreign terminologies. Honestly, the only reference I ever had to the stock market was the vision of a bunch of men yelling at each other in a room and the infamous movie, Wolf of Wall Street, oh, and of course the Enron scandal.

I decided that I wouldn’t let all of this discourage me from at least trying to learn the basics. So I did the first thing anyone would do in 2018 – I went over to Google and typed in, investing for beginners and scanned the many search results until I ran into a book called Stock Investing for Beginners by John Roberts.


At first I thought, here I go again, purchasing another boring book that I will only read the first three pages of, but to my surprise this book is just what I needed to ease me into the the world of investing.

About The Guy that Wrote the Book

John Roberts is a veteran and former stock broker who has had a lengthy career in the financial world and holds a wealth of information in regards to investments in the stock market. He has translated his talents into writing informational books that help the masses participate in the stock market. He currently has his own company at, just in case you want to stroll over and see what he has to offer.

Why I Liked the Book

John Roberts has a straightforward approach to his writing style and is able to use analogies to make the world of investments easier to understand. He provides seven sections of information that are all laid out in a way that build you up to making your first investment. He goes over common terminologies and gives you common sense comparisons and scenarios.

As a novice, another thing that I appreciated was his advice to pace yourself. He didn’t push investing tons of money starting out and he also didn’t self promote as much as he could have. Roberts was also very good with providing seeming solid and easy to use resources that were either free or didn’t break the bank to get up to date information on stocks to invest in. This was a very practical and solid beginner’s guide that I would recommend to newbies who would like to invest.

Why You Should Only Read it if you Are a Novice

Before purchasing the book, I read the one and two star reviews just to make sure that these readers didn’t have any valid points as to why I should not spend my money on this book. It seemed the general consensus was that this was indeed a book just for people who knew diddly squat about investing. Well, I happened to be one of those people who didn’t know anything and this book served me very well.

YG Book Review Disclaimer:

I will always give an honest review. The books that I review are purchased with my own money and I have no affiliation with the authors or publishers of the books I review.

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