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Are you Uncomfortable Yet? Good.

Whew, what a whirlwind of events in 2020. No matter where your life was before, I think we can all agree now that 2020 has lifted us off a Serta mattress and onto a pallet of blankets on the floor. For months I obsessed with the state of the world and I let it stop me from remembering what I needed to do to get to the places I want to be mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Many of us remain paralyzed, drowning in the unknown, wondering when things will get back to normal. However, what if this is the normal for now? Yes, it sucks and it’s uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable can catapult you into a destiny that you create. Growth does not feel good, and right now our society is going through a huge overhaul of growth and change.

In our personal lives, we have to remain focused on the things that we set out to do. When the clock struck midnight on the January one, we had dreams, goals, and ambitions; those are still here, even in a pandemic.

As I look back on my life, I have realized that my most uncomfortable moments were where the real growth lived. I hate to look back on some of those bad times, but it’s necessary to spot the patterns of our growth. Studying our patterns can fade us into a hunger to study how to be resilient in these moments of uncertainty, doubt, and despair.

Study Resilience

Resilience comes naturally to some and not so much for others. It doesn’t come naturally for me. I had to study the art of resilience, and for me, simply being aware started me on the journey to resilience. If your house is on fire and you don’t know it’s burning, how can you put the fire out?

I had many fires burning that I wasn’t aware of. After being aware of my shortcomings, I continuously implemented strategies to build my mental fortitude and resilience. A great book to read about building resilience is Grit. Read articles, watch videos, rub elbows with the folks who are good at being resilient, and apply the information you learn to your everyday life.

I repeatedly discuss the strategies I use in most of my blogs, but I’ll also give a quick rundown here.


Journaling may seem like a chore for some, even me at first, but it is important to write down exactly how you feel, the plans you have for the future, and ultimately what you want in life. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to reflect on where I was and the progress I’ve made.

Realign Your Vision

Some of us will have to completely adjust our plans for the future. I definitely had to sit down, evaluate the world weather report, and make adjustments from there. Even in normal situations, there is always some unexpected change in events and having the fortitude to consistently roll with those changes and realign your vision strengthens your resiliency.

Optimize Your Surroundings

In the book, Atomic Habits, author James clear speaks about how our environment plays a pivotal role in our habits. As human beings we typically will gravitate towards what’s easier for us. He talks about how turning on the t.v. is easy, so if you know that you have a habit of turning it on and killing time, unplug it or remove it from the room altogether.

For me personally, not buying soda and other sugary drinks at all, helped me eliminate drinking them altogether, out of sight, out of mind. A new thing that I’ve just started is plugging in my phone at night across the room so that I’m not tempted to scroll all night. Instead, I read a book until I fall asleep.

For whatever habit you would like to change, optimizing your surroundings can help you reach your goals.

Be the Change. No Seriously.

I know that in this sappy self-help world, we always hear the quote,

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

It may sound like just another saying, but right now, more than ever, it is necessary. Many times, we expect to see change, but are not living up to those same standards we expect. When you show up in the world, make some waves. They don’t have to be shock waves, but change just enough to leave the world a little better than you came in with. In the end, that’s all we can hope for. Well, that is if you care about the future generations of humanity, if not, carry on.

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