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Are You A Badass? Exploring The World Of Self-Help



It’s now 2021 and its been five years since I’ve read this book and created this post. I’m not only still covering myself in self-help, I’m now inspiring others too. This book definitely catapulted me into who I am today. It was a hard road, but now I’m more confident, Iv’e figured out what I want in life, and I’m continuing positive habits to make it happen.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but what Jen Sincero’s book taught me was to stop living a life centered around limiting beliefs. The biggest highlight was my thoughts about money and growing up thinking it was evil to have too much. This perception about money is an example of a limiting belief.

Instead of just letting life happen to me, I learned to play an active role in designing my own future. I learned that I can’t control everything, but I can control many things and obtain the experiences I want to have.

This book has withstood the test of time and it’s main tenants are still relevant. If you’re on a journey of self-improvement, read this post, but definitely read her book. In my opinion this book is a treasure trove of straight forward insights to building the life you want. Now, let’s hop in our DeLorean and take a trip back to OCT 2016 when I first read the book.


Okay, Okay, I admit it, I have my feet firmly planted in the self-help world right now. Despite being a little ashamed, I’m taking all of the advice and covering myself with it like a thick wool blanket in a snow storm.

However, I’ve finally found a book that has spoken so clear and plain about what it is that has to be done to live a fulfilling life, at least in my opinion. Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass, eloquently and un-apologetically gets to the bare bones of the main principles that many of us painstakingly have to learn over years to figure out. She has done all of the hard work so we don’t have to.

Not Your Average Self-Help Book

I have a beautiful twenty minute drive to work, and for me, that is the best time to listen to books, although I usually prefer to read them. At first, I thought this was going to be the same self-help books I’ve read in the past. You know, the ones that make you feel like you’re reading the script to an after school special. In the first minute of listening, I found out that I was highly mistaken.

Jen Sincero cuts to the chase while offering up comedic personal situations so readers aren’t bored to tears and are able to relate. I absolutely love her witty delivery. So far, I have not heard or read anything else like it. However, that may not say much because I have only dipped my toe so far into the self-help pool.

The main points that I learned in this book are not spectacularly different from any other self-help book that Iv’e read in the past. What amazed me is not what was said, but how it made me feel. So much so, that it sparked something in me that I believe will cause permanent change in my life.

Love Yourself

One thing that she says quite a few times in the book is, “love yourself.” You would think, “duh, not a huge revelation,” but it really is. I spend a lot of my time speaking about my bad qualities or saying “I wish” all of the time. Man, I wish I could sing. I‘m such a bad artist, wish I could draw. Oh, she is so organized, I am such a slob. Those statements are not going to ever get me to my goals in life. If I truly loved myself the way I should, I would be laser focused on the things that I am good at.

True to You?

Another huge point I took away from the book was to not be afraid of who I am. I have always been secretly proud of myself for being a chameleon. Being able to blend in almost anywhere and have a conversation with almost anyone. I realized that this is not necessarily the best quality because most of the time I am not being true to myself, I am being what I believe others would want me to be.

For the Love of Money

I want to make more money! Yea, I said it, and now I‘m not ashamed of it. I’m learning slowly but surely to change my relationship with money. Sincero speaks about how she felt ashamed of desiring more income and how she thought she was living a noble life by barely making it. I had the same school of thought and now I understand why I shouldn‘t feel bad about using money to create the life that I want for myself and family.

Know What You Want

While reading this book, I realized I know what I wanted, but didn’t understand how to obtain it. Sincero was very clear on finding out exactly what you want. It took me a seven days to pin down what I wanted for my life. Of course, I’m still ironing out how I will get there. Knowing exactly what I want helps tremendously with goal setting.

Thankfulness and Giving

After I finished the book, I wrote down everything that I’m grateful for everyday. This has helped me really put things into perspective. On paper, my life is really not that bad. I believe that sometimes we live in our heads so much, that it’s hard to see outside of ourselves. When I write down everything I’m grateful for, I can see outside of myself and really appreciate my existence, circumstance, and those around me. Being thankful for what you have also prompts you to give back and pay it forward. Jen Sincero has given many hope for a new life. I hope that one day I’m able to inspire others the way that she has inspired me.

There are many other points in You Are a Badass that really inspired me that are not listed here. These are just a few points that I personally had real “Aha!” moments about. If you have already read this book, please share what you thought about it in the comments.


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