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3 Ways To Prepare For The Not So Happy Days

It’s easy to stay motivated and feel great about yourself when your happy and everything feels right with the world. However, how can you push through on the not so good days? Here are 3 ways to prepare for those not so happy days.

Remember, Most of The Time It’s Temporary

We have to remember that emotions are fleeting and temporary and for the most part, don’t last always. I’m a firm believer in “feeling” your emotions and really delving deep to figure out why you feel a particular emotion. This gives you a chance to acknowledge it’s presence while also questioning why it’s darkened your door. Awareness is key and after were aware of the things that bother us, we can better prepare for the not so happy times.

Change Your Action Steps

First, we have to change our behavior. Normally, I would sit in the bed and possibly in the dark. I would cease doing anything productive and have a pity party. Now, I think to myself, what can I do to change this emotion? If there is no immediate solution, I think, what steps can I take to get me closer to a resolution? What will it take to get there? If you can’t come up with solutions on your own, you may need to reach out to someone you trust or a therapist.

Okay, now you have created a action plan. Now ask yourself, do I really need to continue to sit in this emotion? Where will sitting here get me? often times, when we’re sad, we like to wallow in it. I did this for years. However, that was tons of time and misdirected energy. If I had directed that sadness and frustration into a possible solution, I would have gotten out of my depression years ago. Of course, this will depend on exactly what your issue is. In my case, it was a job that I hated and a city I didn’t want to live in.


Sometimes we just need a healthy distraction. I really want to stress the healthy part. Many of us visit the bottle when were sad or stressed, but this just puts more strain on our health in the long run. Hang out with the kids, friends, a loved ones. I know after a bad day, I always feel better after sitting at dinner with my family because it really puts things into perspective. However, if these are the folks that are causing your woes, I also think that pouring yourself into your hobbies and passion is a good distraction.

Watch uplifting content on YouTube or a feel good movie. Go for a walk or exercise. Listen to your favorite movie. Go volunteer, literally anything else than drown in your emotion.


Gratitude! This one has helped me so much. Just being grateful for what I do have instead of what I don’t has made me a better person. When things are tough it can be hard to reach way down to pull up some optimism, but if we want to enjoy life, we have to pull it from somewhere.

What do you do during the not so happy times?

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