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3 Ways To Fall In Love With The Future

So why should we fall in love with the future? I think Yoda had a great answer.

Always in motion is the future.” Yoda

Sometimes we can feel as if there is nothing to really look forward to. We get stuck in a loop of depressive thoughts of the future. This is especially common now and will always be a part of the collective human condition. However, there are ways that we can regain some optimism and fall in love with the future. Despite what we’ve been through in the past, and maybe even now in the present, we have to seek out a way forward by creating the lives we want.

The problem is that it can be hard to fathom a better life. Especially when there are so many things that seem to hold us back. However, I’m here to tell you that we must start to fall in love with the future. When we fall in love with anything, it becomes a slight obsession. We have to be obsessed with the possibilities of a life we believe is worth living. Here are three ways that we all can start that love affair with the future.

1. Be Present and Be Thankful

Falling in love with the future will always mean being able to seek out positivity in the present. If you want to have a good relationship with the future, you have to start practicing gratitude in the present. When we practice daily gratitude, it shifts our focus towards optimism. This growth of optimism will foster a healthy expectation of good things to come in the future. Also, practicing gratitude helps lower stress levels and will need a little inner peace for the next step: preparation.

2. Create A Plan For The Future

When we care about something, we put our time and energy into it. If you’re getting ready for a date with that hot person you swiped right on Tinder, you (hopefully) put in a little effort before you meet. A few dates down the road, you find yourself falling a little. That’s how you have to behave when falling in love with the future. We have to carefully plan and prepare for the lives we want. You have to put in time and energy, and start falling now to reap the benefits later. Many people believe they’ll just be happy when they arrive at success. You have to also fall in love with the process.

3. Be Aware

Know that things will happen that are out of our control. The worst thing about falling in love with something is that sometimes things don’t pan out exactly the way we imagined it. However, if we’re already prepared for the possibility that things won’t always be perfect, the sting will hurt a little less. The reality is we can design the lives we want. The design may not exactly match our initial blueprint, but most of the time we can get it pretty darn close.

Relationships evolve and we can’t expect any different from our relationships with the future. The best we can do is be positive, plan, and course correct as our planned paths unfold before us.

Have you fell in love with your future? Comment below!

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